Men’s Health Urbanathlon (Chicago): Delayed Gratification

After the 2012 Chicago Urbanathlon there was some grousing at the quality of finisher awards for the top age-group finishers. I didn’t raise a stink, but mentioned my relative disappointment once on this blog, and otherwise sucked it up and moved on (for those of you who remember, the top age-group finishers earned a gray Miller 64 T-shirt, shown below). For me, I think I just had high expectations for how the awards would go down, and the lack of spirit and recognition was simply an anticlimactic end to an otherwise otherworldly race experience.

Chicago Urbanathlon Finisher Award

Teddy is not impressed.

Fast forward to mid-March 2013 and arriving at my doorstep in what looked like a manila envelope stuffed with dirty drug money was a great big age-group top finisher medal. It looked quite similar to the finisher medal we received race day, just super sized and on an all black ribbon. Accompanying the medal was a brief letter citing a printing error of some sort which impacted race-day awards (I couldn’t really follow the rational), but alas, here is your bling.

Chicago Urbanathlon Medlas

You now have Teddy’s interest.

Chicago Urbanathlon 2012 Finisher Medals

A few obvious differences (and similarities). The larger medal is also stamped on both sides.

So Men’s Health makes good, I feel great about earning my first non-standard finisher medal medal, and I get a little hop in my step following a long, horrific winter of training which has brought nothing but snow, cold, ice, wind, slush, unexpectedly sore muscles, and probably a little weight gain (when the weather is this miserable this long a lot of food types get tossed into the ‘comfort food’ bucket).

I’m not sure what the deal is with top age-group finisher awards (I know in New York in 2011 there was a similar situation), but seems Men’s Health comes through eventually. So keep running and training, and let a job well done be your greatest reward. If you receive a suspicious looking package in the mail months later, well, even better.


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