Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2013: A Few Photo Options

This year Peacock Sports was on hand in Chicago and New York (and presumably will be in San Francisco) shooting race footage. I’m sure most of you who competed received an email with a link to view a video and a glam shot or two of you on the course, with various options for purchase.

A ‘web resolution digital image’ will run you about $14.99. The only photo option less expensive is a photo button. I’m good. I’ve read some bristling about the cost of a digital image, but I believe it was considerably more in 2012 (but only about $10 for a high resolution digital image in 2011, which I purchased), and comparatively speaking to other Minnesota races, it’s not bad. Trust me.

Anyway, another avenue for you is to look at the free gallery that Men’s Health posts on its Zenfolio page. If you competed in Chicago there are more than 800 high resolution FREE images to look through and download at your discretion. For New York just north of 300.

I ended up finding a half dozen pretty cool images I was able to weasel myself into and download. In fact the image in my blog banner, that’s one right there! I have three from 2012, too. And again, these are free, and you can download or simply share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or email, or copy the embed code and paste it in your blog or a webpage. These go back as far as 2011, so look around!

Here is a link to the 2013 galleries, and hopefully you’ll find yourself among some of the shots. They are very well done.

These are some of the images I downloaded. As you cruise the galleries, be sure to look closely, as you won’t always be the focal point of the shot.

URB CHI 13-8139 URB CHI 13-8077 URB CHI 13-8076 URB CHI 13-4868-2 URB CHI 13-4869 URB CHI 13-4867


3 thoughts on “Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2013: A Few Photo Options

  1. Hi,

    First off thank you so much for your blog I think it’s amazing! I’m competing in my first competition on Sunday in San Francisco and these things help a ton. I’ve opted for the First Wave, with never doing it before. I’m in pretty good shape, I’m worried though. Is this discouraged?

    • Congratulations, Roger. You’ll have a great time, and don’t sweat being in wave 1. There will be the standard front runners who you’ll find at any event, but my experience has been that overall there’s a great mix of athletes simply competing and having fun. You’ll see all types there in Wave 1. The sheer running distance and the stair climb will be the biggest challenges, so just pace well and enjoy. I hope to make San Francisco in 2015 or 2016. I’ll be routing for you Sunday!

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